Sunday, June 20, 2010

Silverbeet Dip

Brenda came to help us harvest some of our silverbeet. Then we made it into a dip.
First we picked off some silverbeet leaves.
Then we washed the silverbeet in cold water.
We cooked the silverbeet in the microwave with a little bit of water.
The cream cheese, sour cream and onion soup were mixed together.
After we stirred in the silverbeet we got to eat it.

We are also growing brocolli in our garden so we got to eat it with dip on it.
Then we ate some bread with the dip on it too!
It was yum! We all enjoyed eating it!

Mrs Richards used imovie to make this slideshow.
We were so busy eating and having fun we forgot to take more photos.


Anonymous said...

Silverbeet Dip is so so yum

From CC

Anonymous said...

I agree with CC that silverbeet dip is yum

Anonymous said...

Dear GM, I love your picture!!!

You look very busy in that picture!!!

from KR

Anonymous said...

The dip was very yummy!from EW