Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winter Acrostic Poems

Walrus's keep warm in the sea
Ice is snow
Nights are cold in the snow
Thunder is cool
Eat warm food
Reindeer come in snow
by AL

Water is cold
Ice-cream is yum!
Northpole is cold
Tea is warm
Easter is fun
Rain is soft
by YS

Windy days
Icy igloos
Nasty weather
Tea keeps you very warm
Evergreen trees stay green in winter
Rainy days

by AS

Winter is windy
Ice everywhere
Night time in winter
The snow is cold and white
Evergreen trees stay green in winter
Rain falls

by AM

Winter is very very cold
Ice-cream is very yummy
Nippy is cold
Tea keep me hot
Easter in winter
Rain rains and forms a rainboy

by SS

We like winter
It is warm inside
No sunshine
Trees are wet
Eating hot food
Rugby in snow

by AW-S

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Anonymous said...

Very cool acrostic poem!I think it's really true what you wrote and it is really cold Brrrrr!