Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lucas & his BMX bike.

We were lucky to have Lucas' dad bring all of Lucas' BMX gear to school. We were able to see all the safety equipment that Lucas needs to wear when he rides his bike. He looked fantastic riding his BMX bike. Lucas likes to race his bike in competitions. Good luck for your next competition Lucas.


Room 16 said...

Hi Lucus, It's 16 here. We really love your BMX gear. It looks really fun riding a BMX bike. Good luck for your next competition!!

Ka kite,

Room 16

Anonymous said...

Those are some cool photos LW-C of your BMX bike!
by IR

Anonymous said...

That's cool LW-C!!!
From GM

Anonymous said...

TO room 17 I love the move and the song Footloose. From MW